Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jimmy the dragon learns to fly ( Children’s poem)

Little Jimmy was sitting on a rock at the river
holding his little snout in his hands, thinking
He wondered why he could not fly like his dad
From down there, the sky looked so inviting

The fairies from the Redwood forest came
and as they hovered over the rippling water
they sang a song, to cheer our little friend up
about his bravery and how he was a giver

With a tear still dangling from his jaw
little stars began to twinkle in his eyes
and soon a smile so bright lit up his face
“Life isn’t so bad,” they sang,” that’s our device”

From way up on the mountain a loud voice
was heard, it was Jimmy’s dad, calling
“come help me lad, we have an emergency,
hurry home, there is no use in stalling!”

So up the mountain little Jimmy ran
and saw the earth had disappeared from
underneath the left side of the house!
He looked at his dad and asked “how come?”

“Help me fix this Jimmy boy, no time to waste!”
his father shouted, all stressed out and afraid
and he handed his son a shovel to refill the gap
before the house would flip, for it would, without aid

Suddenly a mighty roar stopped them dead in their tracks,
fumes were rising from the top of the volcano again!
This time it would erupt for sure, they felt it in their gut
All their effort to save their home had been in vain!

The ground shook heavily from the awakening giant,
the magma inside his belly fighting to be set free
Their little wooden shed would not survive at all,
this sad reality was plain for them to see

His daddy was spreading his wings, ready to dive
“Follow me son, otherwise you will not survive!”
he spoke to Jimmy in a pleading manner.
“I need you, this mountain cannot take your life!”

Jimmy watched his father as he flew high up into
the air. His little legs started to shake from fear,
He knew what had to be done, but he felt so sure
he could not fly at all, another tear was near

Then the first rocks landed upon the shaking roof
of their humble home and the tiles were crushed
The roaring was becoming unbearably loud now
This outburst was coming, it would not be hushed!

A violent spray of blood red lava sprayed out
high into the air, started making its way to Jimmy
It was a case of door die, no time to descend
the mountain by foot, inferno arriving in a jiffy

So for the first time in his life he unfolded
his wings, took a little forward run and leaped
high up into the air he flew, a rush he never knew
existed and sweat, from every pore it seeped!

He was amazed and our little hero felt so free
Saw the landscape basking in the sun below
and his daddy, flying right in front of him
He said “Hey dad, flying is easy, you know!”

They both laughed and then they landed
at the river, where they washed the debris off
Their purple skin soon returned in all its glory
and Jimmy accidently breathed fire with his cough

That night a huge party was held to celebrate
both their safe return and Jimmy’s first flight
and Jimmy realized he had now turned into
a man and nothing had ever felt so right.

~the end~

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A ship departing

A ship departing

There is an aching
Deep down in my heart
Now you’re no longer around
And it causes me to cry
When I am alone at night
No consolation to be found
How can it be that you just left
When I always treated you well?
Now the walls echo the sound
I can’t remember the last time
I felt this low, taken by surprise
Can’t get my feet back on solid ground
And I miss you..I miss you so
You were my anchor in a roaring sea
Now it’s pulled..a ship outbound

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets

Inexplicable feelings

capture my soul,

thinking of you heavy on my heart.

Mind spins out of control.

Desires locked deep within

surface again


Shadow puppets are we,

pirouetting upon life's stage.

Changing masks

to our heart's content


savoring love in all its stages.

With blind eyes I see you

as you take my hand

...smiling all the way.

Ashes Of Time

Ashes Of Time

Soft sand caresses my feet,
as I tread the virgin beach.
Seagulls fight over a lump of bread;
leftovers of happy souls who left their mark
on my beloved sanctuary.
The sun climbs in hues of tangerine and yellow,
to illuminate yet another day in paradise.

How I wish I could still admire this rebirth
with yesterday's eyes,
when the warmth of his love still
fueled the fire deep within
and there was magic in all I witnessed.
Our perception of reality
is tainted by our state of mind,
so much so..but I forgot; again.

Ashes of time,
beneath your smoldering remains
I danced with him
to a beat only our hearts could hear;
a sacred dance I believed to last forever.
Was the dream a lie, or was he?

All we had was brought together
on this dismal pile,
then burned;
for all eyes to see.

In My Heart

In My Heart

Nested deep within my heart

my angel lies, curled up,

on a bed of soft white feathers.

And as he dozes off, lulled

by the sound of my voice,

my love for him grows

with every second passing.

He travels with me,

no matter where I go.

Whenever I feel lost or lonely,

I only have to place my hand

upon my chest

to feel his presence


Opaque Moon

Opaque Moon

On a cold and dark Autumn night
my feet guide me to...where?

Hollow is the sound of my footsteps
upon the concrete pavement.

With an unwelcome clarity
I observe myself.

Never been prone to using
substances, obscuring
a clear insight,
but nonetheless....I never did see.

The teacher comes,
when the student is ready,

oh yes....this is so true.

Boy, did he teach me a lesson!

Under an opaque moon,
I make my way home,

home.....where would that be?

Could anybody tell me?

I feel lost.

Birth Of Spring

Birth Of Spring

A gentle shower
awakens the
peaceful meadow
from its long,
wintry slumber...

Restless elms and
cheery maples
begin sprouting
fresh, silken buds...

Festive crocuses
burst forth
in a profusion of
whites, reds,
and purples...

Mischievous cubs and
shaky-legged fawns
gambol and frolic
in the verdant grass...

Columns of
inspired daffodils
herald the season
with their blazing,
yellow trumpets...

All of nature
bustles with new life...
and the world is

This poem is a collaboration with Eric Greene.